Farmer School – Vocational School of Organic Agriculture

We are the only school of organic and biodynamic agriculture in the Czech Republic that offers a comprehensive programme of practical training on organic farms at home and abroad.

We strive for sustainable agriculture that does not plunder the landscape but heals it, agriculture that thinks about future generations. Our graduates disprove the economic clichés and build up organic farms showing both environmental and financial sustainability.

Studium na Farmářské škole v praxi

Our goals

We want to educate and support young farmers who have the desire to establish new farms and thus contribute to the restoration of natural farming, healthy landscapes and rural life.

History and present

We established the Farmer School in 2019 and now offer a three-year accredited training program in organic and biodynamic agriculture. Students can choose between full-time and distance learning.

Study at the Farmer School

We believe that you learn the most from your own experience, which is why up to two-thirds of your studies are dedicated to professional practice on educational organic farms under the guidance of experienced farmers.

Theoretical teaching includes weekend seminars, training days and theoretical classes led by experts. In addition to lectures, the seminars include field trips to organic farms in the Czech Republic and abroad.

Unicorn School Farm

Part of the Farmer School is the Unicorn Educational Farm near Prague, which we established in 2023. On 40 hectares we have vegetable production, meadows and pastures for sheep and cows, a run for chickens, a fruit and nut orchard and even a piece of forest. The farm offers produce delivery boxes for members. Our aim is to create not only a working biodynamic farm, but also a space for meeting and education. The plan is to build a multifunctional building for teaching, living and therapy.

Living Agriculture Symposium

Each year we co-organize a two-day educational event for the public, the Living Agriculture Symposium, featuring Czech and international farmers and experts in the field of organic and biodynamic agriculture. The event is held at the National Museum of Agriculture in Prague and is interpreted from Czech into German and vice versa.

Foreign cooperation

The Farmer School cooperates with other organic schools and educational farms in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. We organize exchange visits, excursions and meetings with foreign organic farmers for our students.

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